Free iPad Apps

Digital Classrooms- Apps to Get You Started
Productivity Apps
Word Game Apps
Audioboo - podcast creator
Board Game Tools - includes dice, buzzer, timer, notepad, etc.
CloudOn - Use Microsoft Office on the iPad and connects to Dropbox
Diigo - all purpose digital library storage
Dragon Dictation - dictated notes converts to text.
DropBox - store, view and share files
Edmodo - store, view and share files
Evernote - note taking
Find iPhone - locate the iPad
Flashcards - create study cards
Genius Scan - use the iPad camera to scan paper files to PDF or JPG
IdeaSketch - brainstorming
JoinMe - View someone's screen and collaborate in real time.
Juxio - Combine text and images in a quick, intuitive way.
On Air - teleprompter
PDF Notes - markup pdf's
Popplet - Graphic Organizer
Quick Voice - voice recorder
Scan - QR Code Reader
Screen Chomp - record voice-over whiteboard tutorials
ShowMe - record voice-over whiteboard tutorials
Side By Side - open windows side by side
Simple MInd+ - brain storming, idea collection device
Socrative Student - Response App
Socrative Teacher - Teacher Control to response app
Twitter - follow interests with instant updates
VoiceThread- Create and share dynamic conversations around documents, snapshots, diagrams or videos.
Prezi Viewer
Word Jewels
FlipBoom - create flipbooks
Fluent News Reader
Picture Book - creater
SparkleFish - mad lib creater
JibJab Jr - Book creater
Awesome Xylohpone
Misto Music Plectrum -
learn to play instruments
Singing Fingers
Virtuoso - Piano
Photoshop Express
Drawing Box
A+ Signature
ColorBox HD
Doodle Buddy
Pic Collage

Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Animal Memory Game
Bluster - vocabulary building
Puppet Pals - create shows
StoryKit- write and illustrate your own story
LobsterDiver -number line
Puppy Closet -
Sketchpad Explorer

AirMicroPad- to use with microscope
BrainPop - movies
Oresome Elements - Periodic Table
Planets - 3D solar system guide

Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
SAT Flashcards
Apps4Speech ($4.99)
Word Joust
DemiBooks Composer
Word Jewels
7 Words
IdeaSketch - brainstorming
Popplet Lite
Smart Recorder Lite
Sock Puppets
Story Lines for Schools
Sketchpad Explorer
Factor Samurai
Averages L1
Elevated Math
Khan Academy - PreAlgebra
Khan Academy - Algebra
Khan Academy - PreCalculus
Paper Toss (used for fractions & percent)
Geometry Pad
Algebra Champ
Oh No Fractions!
Number Line
Google Earth
Stack the States
Stack the Countries
GeoMaster - Word Capitals Game
Presidents vs. Aliens
Time Machine ($1.99)
American History Time Line ($.99)
AirMicroPad- to use with microscope
Oresome Elements - Periodic Table
NASA Lunar Rover - simulation
Planets - 3D solar system guide
Khan Academy - Chemistry
Powers of Minus Ten - Cells & Genetics ($1.99)
Clean Energy Hawai'i STEM ($1.99)
Simple Physics ($.99)
Science 360 for iPad
Adobe Photoshop Express
Color Uncovered
Art of Glow
Snapseed ($4.99 - App of the Year, 2011)
Hello Word Deluxe - English/Spanish ($4.99)
Hello Word Deluxe - Spanish/English ($4.99)
Spanish Speak and Learn ($9.99)
Spanish Conversation HD ($2.99)

Early Childhood
Language Arts
Social Studies
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Flying Worm - book
IdentifyThing - expand vocabulary
Kids Can Spell - animals
Little Red Riding Hood - book
Mr Walrus - book
Spike &OrangeBall - book
Toy Story - book
Where's Mommy? - find the item
The Ugly Duckling - book
Sam Phibian - bug counting

Mini Adventures - Animals

Twinkle Twinkle

App Categories:

Screen Recorders
Mind Mapping
Photo Projects
Digital Story Telling

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